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Parnassus' Den was founded in the belief that new Australian writing should be encouraged and developed. To this end, the aims of Parnassus' Den are to nurture and work with the writers of performance texts so as to enhance the Australian Performing Arts and add to the stock of Australian culture

  • Parnassus' Den is committed to the the encouragement and support of writers residing in Australia (Australian writers) by developing their work
  • Parnassus' Den is devoted to providing writers with a creative forum
  • Parnassus' Den is dedicated to working with writers on a wide variety of performance texts
  • Membership of Parnassus' Den is open to all performing arts practitioners

Parnassus - A mountain in central Greece held sacred by the muses

Den - A wild beasts lair 


Since 1994 PD has aided in the development of hundreds of new Australian plays, films, television and radio scripts by conducting regular public readings of new Australian scripts.

Parnassus' Den supports Australian writers by giving them the opportunity to have their scripts read to the public by professional actors. Since its inception, many of the scripts read at PD have been produced locally, nationally and internationally.

PD was based at the Old Fitzroy Theatre in Woolloomooloo from 2004 to 2008.

In 2009 PD moved its home to the Darlinghurst Theatre.

In 2012, PD moved to the SBW Stables Theatre  - home of the Griffin Theatre Company.

Writers submit their scripts to PD. Each selected script is given a full day's rehearsal on the Sunday of the reading itself. The writer attends the reading and the rehearsal and is an active part of the process.

All readings occur on Sunday afternoons each month. At the conclusion of the reading the audience, in a moderated discussion, is invited to offer their opinion to the writer on the script. The benefits that writers receive from PD’s readings are not only limited to hearing the script off the page. The audience feedback writers receive from the post reading discussions is a valuable opportunity for writers to hear first hand what an audience thinks of their work giving them a valuable resource to help them re-draft their scripts.

Each year, the play (theatre) script judged to be the best script read at PD during the year is awarded THE MITCH MATHEWS AWARD.



Parnassus' Den acknowledges the generous support of:

Seaborn Broughton and Walford Foundation

Parnassus' Den regretfully announces that we will not be conducting readings in 2020.

Keep watching this space for details of our return



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